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Bharat International School (CBSE)

CBSE Pattern, Member Of QCFI, UNESCO Associated School

Affiliated to CBSE - Reg.Number:1930502


Bharat international School Krishnagiri

Welcome to Bharat International School CBSE

Focused on Transforming Quality Education and Knowledge


Mr.D.Mani, M.Sc.,M.Ed.,M.Phil,

School is a "Temple of Learning". It is a place where all children grow, not just in size, not even in knowledge, but in courage, curiosity, independence, resourcefulness, perseverance and competence. We strongly believe future belongs to learners. Today, we live in the information age and it is mind power that will dominate the future. To be successful in a world where knowledge is key, we need to develop the attitude to learn consistently.


Mrs.M.Krishnaveni Mani, M.A.,

We wish to state that a sincere attempt to capture and portray every child’s potential to the utmost extent, this will stand as our primary objective at all times. We firmly believe that this temple of learning, like a tiny seed with its humble beginning will grow into a bigger tree stretching its branches far and wide. We sincerely hope all those who pass through this portal be enriched by what they receive from this institution.

Managing Trustee

Dr.Santhosh, M.B.B.S., M.D.,

Bharat International School provides a caring environment, which ensures that a range of opportunities will be provided for the academic and personal development of every child. The staffs at our school are absolutely committed to the education of the whole child, providing a stimulating and motivating environment whilst helping them to achieve success, confidence and enjoyment.